Repeat as needed

Hi, Bill!

I love these pics! You have a great Creative eye. Thanks for the share!

I’m sorry to hear about your ongoing battle with the pain in your legs. Have you tried taking a large knitting needle and a hammer, then taking the sharp end of the needle, placing it in your eye, (either eye works), then grabbing the hammer firmly in your dominant hand and pounding the knitting needle into your eye? This has been proven to take the mind off of the pain in your legs, however, only for the length of time which you are hammering.

Repeat as needed.

Love love.

Certainly one of the things I prize about Hilton Head Island is the predominant nautical theme. It is especially apt this year as we reside on Cutter Court (flanked by Ketch Court and Clipper Court) off Lighthouse Lane and Lighthouse Road within spitting distance of Harbour Town and the iconic red and white banded lighthouse. I haven’t yet taken to tattoos and sailor garb but I cherish the salt sea air, the crash of the surf and the open blue sky.

This morning I further aroused my maritime preference by cycling along the beach from Sea Pines Beach Club and back (a total of 16.53 km should you care to know).  The tide was conveniently low. It is a vast image, boundless horizon, all leading afar and into nowhere. When I got to the northern end of my journey I collapsed onto the sand and used my front bicycle tyre as a support, adding one of my boat shoes (reversed) as a pillow.  I dozed instantly.  Where I go in that sudden dream I cannot say but it is soothing wherever it is!

Though walking of any description is for me an aggravation (I am certain my lower spine is decomposing as we speak) I hauled ass to the nearby Coligny park primarily to see if there were any emails (the Town provides free WiFi).  Notwithstanding the ineffable beauty of Hilton Head Island it is something I esteem sharing with friends. And while it may be that the Universe is ultimately personal, I have always found that friendship is an enormously stimulating resource under any circumstance. I am oddly reminded of the query about the sound of a falling tree in the wood if no one is there to hear it? Sharing with friends succeeds to surmount that philosophic Netherworld. It too is a convention I happily repeat as needed!