When I awoke this morning at 8:30 am – after having removed my sleep mask – the sunshine was already pouring into the bedroom. There was no time to waste! It was imperative to initiate the matutinal productions to ensure that the bicycle ride began in tempo.

Though I was obliged to shower in twilight (because the burned out bathroom fluorescent lights have not yet been replaced), and the process of shaving was as a result done primarily by rote, I managed to fulfill the objectives and renew my carcass to a presentable state for another day. The subsequent negotiation of affairs at the trough proceeded with equal deliberation and success. Thereafter the tour on the bicycle unfolded as planned though I admit my enthusiasm was oddly diminished today. Perhaps it was the thin gauze of cloud in the sky. It may have been the manifest lack of activity as we incrementally approach the Christmas season. I may simply have been more tired than I was willing to credit.

The ambient temperature is rising. When I arrived at the pool there was no one else there. I – ignoring members of the local bird community – had the place to myself. The visitors with the new boat had already taken off for the day.

The only act of singularity was the start of packing for Key Largo, assembling things for the suitcase.