Russian military division

Mutiny is a singular event in the management of power. It stakes the proponent as the real enemy. The Marie Antoinette image of widespread unpopularity is not entirely irrelevant.

Mutiny is a revolt among a group of people (typically of a military, of a crew or of a crew of pirates) to oppose, change, or overthrow an organization to which they were previously loyal. The term is commonly used for a rebellion among members of the military against an internal force, but it can also sometimes mean any type of rebellion against any force. Mutiny does not necessarily need to refer to a military force and can describe a political, economic, or power structure in which there is a change of power.

In the context of war the global popular opinion is universally contrary. Now that Putin is facing mutiny within his army, government and national population he risks eviction. He will be aware of the fate of Russia’s last imperial family the Romanoffs who suffered not only death but also economic dehydration after death.

The problem with Russian ancestry is that, after the 1917 Revolution forced many of them into exile, there was a whole diaspora of largely impoverished Romanov princess, princesses, grand dukes and duchesses. Many of them spelled the name in the Frenchified form as Romanoff. In exile in Paris, the South of France, London and California, expatriate Romanoffs of one kind or another dined out on the name.

On the other side of the world it is no accident that Trump and his family confront revolt and impoverishment within their own ranks of erstwhile followers; namely, top GOP leaders, Republican deniers and increasingly the American populace. Similarly Britain’s weirdo leader Boris Johnson has been ousted. Overall the appeal of oligarchs and their lickspittles has dwindled.

The world has – partly with the disinfection of technology – finally made popular it’s simple objection to war, deceit and poisoning self-interest. While nations like China persist to nurture their own internal behavioural agenda, they cannot separate themselves from the economic and intellectual reality of global interaction. Money is starting to talk but with a different theme. Americans are slowly confessing that the white population is a minority. It is partly this reason which works against Trump and his minions. Lindsey Graham can be expected to change his course once again like a piece of weed toppled on the surf of the sea.

It is my personal prediction that the upcoming generation of youth guarantees that the inexpressible folly of war will no longer be part of the mechanics of either power or negotiation. The threat of nuclear war provoked by either Putin, Trump or Kim Jong-Un is far from fashionable and represents the insupportable mania of the proponents. By contrast the knee-jerk reaction against war has at least the imprint of reason. Leaders are now accepted as those who seek to cooperate with others. The limited value of pure strength as the only source of domination has completely lost its flavour. Everything speaks to the worldwide theme of universal fortuity; namely, what’s good for one is good for all.