Saturday Chores

Though the bike path earlier this morning was not particularly occupied (perhaps because of the cool temperatures), later in the day the streets in both the country and the city were busier than they have been in the past month.  I saw an endless string of cars on the main street as I was leaving Almonte to go for a car wash. Later as far afield as Burnstown in nearby Renfrew County I noticed a surprisingly large number of vehicles in the parking lot of Neat Café. I was tempted to go in but resisted. I telephoned the Café to enquire about the status of their business and was told that they’re offering take-away only – but nonetheless a full menu.  Already however people were showing their exhaustion with social distancing. There were a number of patrons assembled at a picnic table on the patio adjacent the main entrance of the Café. I suspect the dereliction will be tolerated by whomever has been cast an enforcement officer There is at least room for legal argument – the measure of social distancing, the acceptability of familial abuse, an overriding entitlement of liberty. Whatever!

With palpable enthusiasm I took my new vehicle for another spin. Prior to going through the car wash I fussed with the third row seats.  Initially we had collapsed them to make more room for groceries (and to hide any suggestion there were children in the family). But I wanted to see how the seats looked when raised. The headrests clutter the rear window slightly. The remaining storage area is likely to be sufficient in most instances.

Having a 7-passenger vehicle is a significant alteration from a sedan. The higher position of the seats is an improvement at my age. The refinements of this particular model make the drive incomparable in my opinion.  I know there are many others who prefer to define the status of a car by its sport-like behaviour but I am quite content with this variation of the “boulevard ride” for which Lincoln is renowned.

It was about a month ago we left Longboat Key to return home.  The expiry of that period of time helps assuage my lingering sense of misfortune for having had to depart Longboat Key a full month earlier than planned. Now at least the time is gone!