September Weekend

On September 4th we overtook the Labour Day Weekend, a calendar event marked by its date (first Monday in September) and Public Holiday inscription, reminiscent of isolated beaches on Cape Cod, exceptional seafood dining and a confessed measure of ertwhile alcoholic prodigality. How sweet is the indulgence from afar!  It is like a nutritional aroma feeding the memory of youth and gaiety.

Today is Friday, September 8th. We’re now on the cusp of our first regular weekend in September. Things are back to normal. It is a traditional transition from summer; a moment of expiry and reignition under different banners of hopes and ambition. For the moment we leave behind memories of balmy lassitude and favoured casual options. Although the past few days have been extraordinarily warm, overnight the air has noticeably cooled. In the same instant the trees and grasses in the meadow have assumed a tinge of purple shade. The hint of autumn is everywhere though as yet not entirely visible. Thoughts of children returning to school percolate through the mist; already some are preparing for the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration. And projections of Christmas and winter voyages are equally lubricated by the recast atmosphere.