Soaring to the sky!

What is it that transforms a state of commotion to one of accommodation and understanding? As rhapsodic as the result may be, the rejig is nothing more impenetrable than listening to one’s inner voice. The solution is within the problem. It is a time-honoured formula. The felicitous part of the beaconing is that the longer it is ignored, the louder it becomes. There are in fairness so many features which compete with the initial cymbal. Learning to listen to one’s own instruction is fraught with sometimes ungovernable suspicion – usually promoted by convincing but deceptive argument which only succeeds to prolong the initial annoyance.

Complication is however far more confusion than substance, a frightful and misleading disguise. When pushed to the limit the abscess is readily and instantly drained of its putrid offence. The secret? Submission to that ephemeral sphere called reason. It is the mode less saturated, the unsullied atmosphere of logic.  Yet as distilled as it may be, as pure and uncomplicated as it is, it nonetheless commands the most astute resolve, a combination of conviction and daring. Projecting oneself across those limpid uncharted waters is not for the cowardly.  It is a critical venture of inner strength and belief in oneself.  And as with so many private truths there are often only private successes. It may indeed prove to be but a nice warm feeling that no one notices – like wetting yourself in a dark blue suit. But the pleasure is incomparable!

Perseverance is yet the answer. Quit ye like men, be strong! Soaring into the ether is its own reward. The moment one retires instead to the tactile world of calculation and pragmatism and design, the ambition is destroyed. The spectre plummets to the earth. To conduct oneself contrary to this celestial prescription is but self-mutilation, a meaningless abuse and a winless confusion.

Equal to the approbation of others is the approval of oneself, not just surmounting one’s foibles but embracing them with the same beneficence as afforded others in that moment of clarity. It is not just a one way street of doing onto others; it is as much an advantage to oneself. Nor is it mere reciprocity but rather equivalence. It’s ultimately a question of worth; and hence an answer of value.