Squaring our actions

An atmospheric view of our rambling passage today configures a square from Mississippi Mills, Hopetown, Calabogie, Arnprior then home again. Between them were hamlets Middleville, Brightside, Burnstown and Stewartville. But first we paused for breakfast early this morning at the golf club in the Village of Appleton along the Mississippi River.  Normally we would have preferred to sit outside on the patio but by 9:30 am the temperature had already reached close to 30°C so we were more comfortable seated inside, perched upon the high chairs at an elevated table overlooking the first tee.

Given an abstract view of our home territory I venture to say that we approach the perimeters of Algonquin Provincial Park (basically a triangle from Ottawa in the east, Toronto in the west and Sudbury in the north). The southwestern borders are Lake Ontario and Lake Huron (the latter more popularly known for Manitoulin Island on Georgian Bay); and, the northeastern border being the Ottawa River. In all it constitutes the size of a mere postage stamp of the whole of the Province of Ontario. Nonetheless the moderate adventure afforded us a gratifying collection of rural scenery, lakeside images, inlets and waterways. It was by all accounts preferable to an urban outing especially on a devastatingly warm day.

As we perambulated about the countryside, though predominantly noiseless, we occasionally engaged one another in a discussion or review of our past or future. We have traveled along the almost identical pathway so often that we cannot but comment upon who or what has come and gone over the years.  And our impending travel plans are likewise not of infrequent interest to us as we contemplate Air Canada’s maximum permitted carry-on baggage size; what to bring along on a cruise; whether to rent a tricycle or a bicycle on the North Atlantic Ocean bordering Hilton Head Island and generally matters of similar gripping pertinence.

As I believe is not uncommon in the evolution of domestic matters, the subject of culinary detail soon bubbled to the fore. Whether it were the heat or perhaps the exertion of sitting in car for a prolonged period following our early morning breakfast, soon we found ourselves fencing the idea of Healthy Food Technologies; viz., donuts!

Naturally there followed the customary prevarication with its equally predictable, insufferable and inutile consequence. We had at least the dignity to preserve tucking into the product of our shameless encounter until after dinner this evening! Already I contemplate the execution with unrestrained foresight!