Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride

It were easy to have misconstrued our languid purpose earlier today as the ritual indolence of a weekend Sunday morning.  Instead the cause of our lingering was the tides.  Our Maritime induction has awakened us to the rhythm of the tides so we too can sing in our “chains like the sea” at least that is if we wish to bicycle on the beach.

The early morning clouds rolled out by eleven o’clock revealing the prospect of a brilliant sunny day so our appetite was whetted.  But the tide would not recede until about the same time.  So we had an hour to kill before landing on the beach for our constitutional bicycle ride.  In the meantime we determined to mount our bikes and to go to Harbour Town then wind along the Baynard Cove paths to South Beach and finally to connect with the beach at Tower Beach Club on South Sea Pines Drive.

When we at last made out way onto the vast open beach we were buoyed by the strong wind at our backs as we sailed north along the coast. For the first time in weeks we witnessed the wisps of sand scurrying across the smooth face of the beach, the fine particles propelled by the blustery wind.  It was a dry, clear wind which matched the plain, blue sky.  Out of an abundance of caution we paused at Coligny Park then afterwards sped to Marker 97, whizzing airily by Sonesta Beach at Marker 72.  At Burke’s Beach on the north end of the beach at the breakwater we stopped again, this time lying in the dunes absorbing the radiance of the sun. Then we filtered from the beach through Singleton Beach Shores to William Hilton Parkway and leisurely made our way home.