Sunday Thanksgiving

The serendipity of life has never escaped me. An event today for example has coincidentally marked a revival of the religious theme which is astonishingly appropriate for what customarily surrounds the Thanksgiving weekend – family, food and togetherness – a foregathering significantly associated with the first Americans (the Pilgrims) and their brethren (the native Indians). Typically paintings of the first Thanksgiving somehow align with traditional Christian values though as regularly with about as much real diversity or legitimacy.

My fodder in this matter actually began late last evening. I received an agitated email from an American friend decrying the current Supreme Court nominee as associated with the People of Praise or some similar evangelical-sounding group. It immediately heightens my interest in a complaint of this nature that it comes from a mother of three boys. It has to be serious!

My only answer to the dilemma is the rhetorical question recently posed on a late-night talk show; namely, “If you turn back the law, then back to what exactly?” This was immediately answered by unsettling renditions of pregnant teenagers and bullied boys. Even without the waterworks it hardly makes sense to drive people underground. Especially in the name of something as historically toxic and illusory as religion. In the context of abortion and psychological torture I am quite certain I’d prefer not to entrust the medical determination to a self-proclaimed healer.

Primed with this bit of insurrection I shared what I thought was a gentle Sunday morning communication with my long-time Toronto connection Michael. Michael, like religion, is on the surface a bit odd but clearly built on heavy duty fabric. This can make it difficult going in all but the most trite exchange. Following is some of his liturgy. The best I can conclude is that he’s embracing some pantheistic angle.


Will be editing Latin and watching football this afternoon.

Humans appear to be the only species that recognizes that it is mortal and can contemplate death. Other species know only about danger, hunger, etc.

Accordingly, humans alone can contemplate existence and mortality. Contemplation is a special, focussed experience. In people such as I, it produces a higher power.

And BAM! You’re off to church.

Mike T.

The conglomeration of the language of ancient Rome with sports; the mixture of the visceral and the sublime; the fusion of mysticism and fashion! It is quite an unattainable height for most!

Committed as I am to my own comparatively shallow amusements I did today what I do almost every day; bicycle this morning and drive this afternoon.  I don’t mean for a minute to diminish the adventures.  Both were superb!

It is now impossible not to be struck by the beauty of autumn!  We’re so close to its final days! The moment a good wind picks up, the dried leaves will be blown to the ground! But for the moment the Town and the surrounding countryside are at their very best.