Thanksgiving Sunday (October 9, 2016)

What a sublime autumn Sunday! I don’t even feel shameful for having lolled in the huge mahogany bed under layers of lambswool and goose feather down until almost ten o’clock this morning.  We hadn’t yet turned on the heat this year and the place was decidedly chilly from the cold air blowing through the open windows and billowing the sheers.

Observing calculated austerity I began my day with a sliced green apple and hot, black coffee. Then we launched ourselves onto our bicycles and pedalled the usual 19 km route through Town to the hinterland of Ramsay Township. The leaves of the trees have changed overnight! The sky was clear and blue.  Yesterday’s warm, damp air has been pushed aside for another year. From now on it’s cardigans and gloves!

Everywhere in Town there was evidence of festivity.  The churches were practically busting at their seams with the seasonal congregation of penitents. And the Sunday traffic at the liquor store was noticeably busier than usual. The perfection of the weather was incontestable!  When we returned home from our bicycle ride I prepared an omelet of diced green pepper, sliced red onion, halves of cherry tomatoes, cubes of Havarti cheese and slices of black forest ham. Yum!  Date square granola and cashew milk for dessert!

The feast has just begun.  Later this afternoon we’re off to the City for a traditional turkey dinner with my sister and immediate members of the clan. We’re bringing the wine. Meanwhile I am entertaining myself with classical music and the supreme privilege of contemplating being served!  The ambience of family promises the customary roller-coaster ride I have no doubt.  I am however not to be perturbed, so unabridged is my present ecstasy.