The basics still apply

Having just concluded a disappointing and most unprofitable discussion with a junior front-line employee (having a grand though utterly meaningless title of “Early Resolution Officer”) of the Ombudsman of Ontario,  I am sadly  though not at all unexpectedly reminded that the basics still apply. The basics I am equally distressed to observe are not in the least complimentary. To give them their most favourable sheen, the basics like those of the animal kingdom whence we “intellectual” humans derive are simply visceral. This endorsement is particularly unfortunate at this time of year when magnanimity (or at least the appearance of it) is most prolific. The Ombudsman’s clerk (who upon abrupt reconsideration and with discernible gusto accelerated our initial conference from next week to today) could not have been more eager to dispose of my “complaint” which by rote she skilfully directed to but a number of other bureaucracies cradled in the womb of deceit and deception called “government”. Meanwhile the transport of logic and palpability was conveniently for the Ombudsman sidelined and pushed over its edge onto the plate of yet another, a repeating occurrence throughout the past five months which paradoxically (and dare I say, circuitously or worse, circularly) began last July in the same office of the Ombudsman of Ontario. This then is the circle of life!

The basics surround the path of least resistance and pursue the meat of greatest nutrition for those capable of the fortitude to endure or promote their application.  Essentially it is a matter of winning the hunt (or maintaing one’s place in the pack to share in the spoils).  Even the majestic lion doesn’t capture and kill all its intended prey.  Nor as a result should we mere humans corrode our own mechanism for our failures similarly conceived and enacted. Whether one subscribes to Darwins’s axiomatic thesis or to the more poetic illustration of Gulliver’s Travels, the characterization of success in this world is seldom one necessarily aligned with either entitlement or any other fiction of fortutity.

We are sustained by the need for food and shelter.  These elemental needs insinuate the plurality of our most inventive mental fabrications which in turn are only designed to preserve the identical basics. We cling to the sinews and the seams of such derivative percolation from within our gut and breast (though I am afraid not from much higher up the corpus that is humanity).

The demonstrable inability – and calculated bureaucratic assembly of obstruction – to conjoin deductive thoughts speaks to the hierarchy of the Animal Kingdom whence derives not the beneficence of some imaginary deity or Santa Claus but the dreadful blood and guts of a rude beast best avoided or confronted only at one’s peril. Government is not a domain within which to wade except fully cloaked with defence mechanism and instruments of brutality; it is not an arena for the pusillanimous.