The ineffable dream!

The wind is pressing the water upriver creating tiny uncommon markings of shadowy waves upon what is normally a placid undercurrent downriver in the opposite direction.  Above the blemished reflection there is not a cloud in the sky.  It is a cold, clear day beneath a dome of dry, blue stratosphere. The aspect from our second-storey windows is dynamic and heartening like the projection from the bow of a great ship. The distant tawny furrows glisten in the angled auburn sunlight.

What a peculiar day it has been!  Our early morning collaborative enterprise was an unhindered drive into the city to collect a USB Type-C “Quick Charge” output device.

The USB-C standard attempts to simplify usage by specifying cables having identical plugs on both ends, which can be inserted without concern about orientation. When connecting two devices, the user can plug either end of the cable into either device. The plugs are flat, but will work if inserted right-side-up or upside-down.

The symmetry of the device was ironically reflected upon our subsequent discovery that I already had one in my travel bag (though it was only 20W instead of 30W like the new one).  In any case I haven’t anywhere near a full apprecation of the device other than to identify it as an electronic charger/plug that fits the cord of my new iPhone 15.

Then mid-afternoon – abandoned while the two Denis performed their zestful constitutional on the other side of the river – I permitted myself the privilege of a nap, an immediate dissolution and consequent recovery from former dust and obstruction. How readily thereafter awakened the complascency of a butter tart and chilled espresso. An inexpressible indulgence on an already prodigal day!