The logical subterfuge

As I contemplate the upcoming USA presidential election in November, 2024, I find myself caught in a logical subterfuge. The deceit is a contradiction; and the contradiction is the perception that Americans are seemingly not clever enough to extricate themselves from what internationally appears to be defeat.  This, I have finally concluded, is an error. In short, the Americans are in my opinion, both now and historically, too clever to lapse into defeat whether it be miscommunication with others or among themselves. There is as well reason beneath what often appears to be inexplicable absurdity.

The nub of the problem is of course Donald J. Trump.  His perpetually theatrical performances, combined with expressions of commonality and popular vulgarity, have given him at times a tawdry appearance. And although his expression of certain national concerns – like immigration and lawlessness – are retailed in what seem to be outright racist terms, there are nonetheless supportable assertions. As immigration in particular increasingly affects not only border states like Texas and Arizona but also sanctuary cities such as New York, Boston and Chicago, now the black and Latino communities feeling the effects the migrants are having on public services are increasingly turning to Trump. One argument I recently read was one which questioned payment of vast funds to immigrants while ignoring the needs of current citizens.  It is a difficult case to be made or avoided.

However what I have at last concluded is not so much that Americans should fight among themselves about these matters; rather that they should direct attention to what can be done to correct the harm.  Meanwhile I am hearing in Britain and America that there are outstanding employment needs. Surely immigration is patently a resource to overcome this dilemma (particularly as I understand that many if not all the outstanding employment needs surround low-level work and functions – though I have no doubt many of the immigrant candidates are capable of much more with appropriate minimal education and training). While many of the immigrants are escaping horrendous strictures, I very much doubt they expect to receive support or accommodation.  They likely want to make their own way to success in keeping with the American Dream.

There is another reality surrounding the dichotomy between liberals and conservatives in America; and that is the almost universal disregard people have for the reputed lascivious, obsequious and selfish behaviour of its political candidates. Politics is little more than entertaining boxing.  Primarily its only objective is winning; and whatever it takes to do so is considered both expected and tolerable.  Accordingly, making a huge fuss over the private conduct of the candidates is basically irrelevant.  Politics represents the one instance in which the masses concede the realities of life unobstructed or contaminated by issues of greed, lies or religious disparities.  It achieves nothing to devote oneself entirely to the slur of the candidates as racist or oligarchical when in the same instance the voter wishes to curtail immigration, cancel abortion and limit welfare. The issue then becomes not the candidate of choice; rather the policies of choice.  For that reason alone, it further distances the candidates from any repute or examination when it is acknowledged that the American government is indeed oligarchical; and the interests of the so-called backroom boys who pull the strings of their elected puppets are often tax driven for the wealthy.

In an arena like politics, like boxing, bashing heads and pummelling adversaries is common behaviour.  To attach oneself to a higher objective is not only misguided and irrelevant, it is a subterfuge. Meanwhile, toying with the candidates is no more productive than swapping toy soldiers on a playing board.  The real effort should be devoted to particulars of the problem and its correction for the mutual advantage of all concerned.  I know that sounds impossible but it is not.  We need good answers not political swipes.  Trump’s ambition to build a wall was useless.  What’s needed now is something vastly different.  As long as the voters continue to play the game, they’re wasting their time and effort.