The outer edge of the world

I wonder how far one must go to discover the world? At the risk of sounding horribly complacent I’m not certain I really care. I do however admire the adventurers of the world, those who are inveterate travellers. There is unquestionably something exotic about flying in a balloon and going where the wind blows. My personal focus is perhaps shamefully far more domestic. The conviction is not entirely one only of restriction (though that certainly is a predominant feature) but also excusably philosophic. The competing rationale is that “there ain’t no ship to take you away from yourself“. Or as has been more lyrically interpreted, “Is that all there is?

Again at the peril of appearing resolute beyond compare I fashion that I already have determined what stimulates me. I can at least blame the diminution of age. Besides I would no more imagine I could dig in the sand of the beach and discover an abandoned gold ring. Mine is not a whimsical spirit. Furthermore the enthusiasm to exceed what already exists is at times insupportable not just because it is wishful but purely because it is unnecessarily excessive. There is only so much chocolate one can devour.

Certainly my performances are repetitive but nonetheless feasible. Having a workable characteristic partially borders on the other benefits of economy and manageability. The integrity and full appreciation of things within the scope of one’s compass is not to be diminished. The current flavour for exotic travel is in many ways no more than a passing fancy. The historic prohibitions of travel are not entirely to blame for the erstwhile domesticity of people of every stripe. There was the very real question concerning the utility and advisability of such travel, a governor which lingers to this day. Nor is the sensational undertaking to be confused with that of Lord Elgin notwithstanding the putative reward.

It was in precisely this frame of mind that I engaged in today’s venture to South Lido Key Beach where I reclined in the powdery white sand for hours before succumbing to the allure of the emerald sea.

My confession is that I was provoked in this scheme primarily because it lead me into the direction of the sun. I am an addict for the burnishing rays of Helios. Having not only the advantage of facing into the sun but then also being able to recline into it full-figure so to speak was incomparable. The unanticipated surplus was the very agreeable nature of the beach overall. As far as I could see along the powdery white ribbon down the shore to the other end of the island it was nothing but comfortable people enjoying the community and commonality. There was no element of interfering urbanity. Even the posted speed limit throughout Lido Key is 25 mph. It all combines to exude a reduced enhancement.