The Shores Resort, Daytona Beach Shores

We had planned last evening to awaken this morning at five o’clock. It was closer to 4:30 am. After our ablutions, breakfast and loading the car, we were on the road no later than 6:30 am heading north from Tavernier to Daytona Beach. Somehow we got onto an unfamiliar part of the Florida Sunpass route we had intended.  There was a lot of traffic and a snarl because a transport overturned on the side of the road. After that however – and a propitious stop at a service centre to void our anxious bladders – we rolled seamlessly into Daytona Beach Shores and the resort where we’re staying for the night before going onto Hilton Head Island tomorrow morning . But all was not trifling travel.

In the car while moving along we communicated diligently with an estate agent in Key Largo.  As a result we have endorsed our next year’s winter sojourn for six months.  We had not then heard back from the agency on Hilton Head Island but we rightfully assumed and expected (as was reaffirmed not long thereafter) that accommodation there was tenuous. Meanwhile we have since devoted our energy to completion of the requisite contract et cetera. We have learned in this business of vacation rental that time is of the essence.

Being back on Daytona Beach Shores revitalizes one thousand memories from our first and subsequent attendances here going back to 2016.  Unquestionably Daytona Beach is nothing short of magnificent especially when seen as it was today under a clear blue sky with a strong on-shore wind that decorates the North Atlantic Ocean with whitecaps.

Our first stop upon arrival early afternoon was Boondocks Restaurant at nearby Wilbur-by-the-Sea in Port Orange. Mussels, Chowder, salad with blackened fish and Key Lime pie! Nec plus ultra!  An incomparable way to reunite with the past and to celebrate the present!