These are a few of my favourite things,,,

What it is that invites one into a state of Nirvana is unfathomable. Is it a good night’s rest?  Or the thankful accomplishment of an agenda? Is it the weather? Or perhaps that bit of exercise you performed earlier in the morning? Or merely a successful evacuation? Is it the fluidity of friendship? The comfort of one’s being? The delight of something on the horizon? Is it a transcendent state of serenity?

In this blissful though oblivious estate – and in a fine automotive product – I transported my carcass earlier this afternoon along the undulating ribbon of highway to the grocery store and car wash. Mine was an idyllic state of mind. Upon reflection I conclude that my ecstasy was a combination of the aforementioned. The intersection of these many and varied spheres is naturally conducive to righteous abandon; that is, the gratifying propulsion of what it is that satisfies.

The new Farm Boy store in Stittsville is the end of the Yellow Brick Road. I cannot imagine a more perfect range of food products – including prepared goods. After a short detour among the raw vegetables I made it to the bakery. Not knowing your preference of sweets, I will avoid diluting the account by mentioning one concoction or another. But be assured the tables were plentiful! I did a complete tour of all that was available.  Somehow I missed the precise target of my enquiry but I settled it quickly with the assistance of a staff member. This achievement only strengthened my ambition. I harvested whatever spirited my vigilance.

I don’t know about you but these days of Paradise are not to be ignored. Instinct as always is the most reliable guide. At a certain age, the scope of desire narrows quickly.  I mean to say, enough already! Yet one’s appetites though limited are strong. And when the key to fulfillment is at hand, go for it!

Having a full larder is unquestionably part of the attraction. Profusion is however as much cerebral as visceral. Storing one’s thoughts affords a pantry of ideas. Today I raided the storeroom of both provisions and propositions. The mind/body dichotomy persists; and, in their union lies the Epicurean and ephemeral delights in poetic translation. For the moment I am elevated beyond endurance and abstraction. I regard what is about me with happy consequence.