This isn’t going to be easy,,,

Those of us wet on the lips for the latest back and forth tailing Trump’s criminal conviction (and perhaps the fortunes of Republican Party) will be pleased to know there remains until the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November next (November 5, 2024) time to anticipate continued dialogue and repartée before the upshot of both the court case and the federal US election is fully discerned and the bets are off. Whether it means an end to the discussion is both fearful and exhilarating because either way it anticipates a change in America.

Quite by accident this afternoon I found myself unexpectedly engaged in an on-line conversation through the Substack platform I use to publish my own nonsense.  Until now I hadn’t known anything other about Substack than what I require to publish or read my own stuff.  The APP only has three choices, Inbox (empty), Chat (empty) and of course Home (my stuff and about a million or more Notes). From what I can tell the Notes are for use by the Substack writers to advertise themselves.  But the vulgar commercial nature of the Notes does not diminish their collective entertainment value. As a “social medium” it seems geared to an older audience than Twitter (X). In any event the Notes make for sometimes entertaining reading.

Immediately following the Trump conviction, the Notes were replete with references to the trial and its political overtones.  As I aimlessly and casually scrolled over the succession of Notes I occasionally paused to make a brief enquiry of the writer, never thinking I’d get a reply.  But this afternoon to my surprise, one did. Here it is.  I didn’t respond. I think you’ll agree that if the thinking of this writer reflects the “facts” which are constantly contradicted in this so-called dialogue, it will be a muddy road to the White House.

Exactly. Not a fan of Trump, l am a fan of freedom and democracy. Look I think Trump is sleazy as hell, but this is total bullshit. All you people celebrating this, someday it could be you or someone you love being hauled in front of a judge and jury who were chosen based on hating your guts ***with no actual crime committed*** and this made it far more likely. Way to go, Trump Derangement Syndrome is what’s really killing democracy.

L. G. Wm. Chapman, B.A., LL.B.
Exactly how?

19h •••

Because if they can get him on (excuse pun) trumped up charges, just imagine what they can do to the rest of us.

L. G. Wm. Chapman, B.A., LL.B.
What is your education?


I’ve got a BA, just like you. Didn’t realise I had to put it in my handle like some absolute twat.

L. G. Wm. Chapman, B.A., LL.B.
I am attempting to understand precisely what knowledge or intelligence you have regarding the fault of the court case. So far it is just adjectives, no nouns; viz., slur not substance.

Perhaps you lead the charge and outline exactly what was right with it?