Time to go home

In spite of having drunk two double-espresso after dining last evening at Sol by the Sea, I slept tolerably well throughout the night. Nor had I difficulty throwing off the duvet this morning shortly after 7:00 am to prepare for breakfast at la Marea and for departure from the hotel. The breakfast was distinguished by a perfect made-to-order cheese omelette preceded by an assortment of fresh fruit.

Suitably for our departure today grey clouds and cool northern winds overtook the resort. We had very little to pack.  The car was conveniently parked a short distance away. After brushing our teeth and assembly our gear, we were home in 15 minutes. We had enjoyed a favourable detour for the past two days.

As welcome as the modest change was, we both expressed our delight to return to Buttonwood Bay where, as I unhesitatingly noted, we can park at the front door of our townhouse. Frankly I am chuffed to be back home to recover my familiar environment and to recapture my unvarying routine. We sorted our baggage and brewed another coffee.