To the point

Mr. Jared Laginski, supervisory agent for our feudal lord Inverness Homes, was hot off the mark this blustery mid-week morning. He arrived here before 8:30 am and directly addressed the outstanding mechanical and structural pickles affecting our recently built residential unit. I belief he had already been to a hardware store to collect a new fire monitor in anticipation of having to replace the existing unit which appeared to have been the source of last evening’s freakish alarm.

I too had arisen before dawn to prepare myself for an overhaul of my own.  Specifically I was booked for an annual medical check-up with Ms. Amanda Rice RN on behalf of Dr. Matthew Tiffany, my family physician. About an hour and a half after my check-up (and after having had the customary blood work and related analysis diligently conducted at LifeLabs), I learned that Jared had assisted reorganizing the furnishings and rugs in the drawing room and bedroom of our apartment. Youth is a palpable advantage! As I quipped with Jared upon entering the apartment, it is an auspicious moment when I am able to recognize a visitor by the shoes reappearing at the front door. Jared has obviously adopted that singularly attentive custom of removing footwear at the door upon entering.

Not long afterwards another gentleman (with an assistant) materialized on behalf of Inverness Homes to perfect the glass partitions for the shower in one of the bathrooms. Meanwhile the rain was falling; and I continued to marvel from my desk at the eye-catching views of the Mississippi River and adjoining pastoral fields including a dilapidated but quaint wooden farm shed which had partially submerged in the overflowing shore of the burgeoning river.

Of equal note today was our attendance upon Dr. Naji Louis DDS, a calculated visit to signify the parabolic purification of our return home, deterging us of oceanic and subtropical history, coalescing as it did artistically with the contrary evolution of our new digs up north and by the river. After dinner this evening I replaced the Braun electric toothbrush with a new set of bristles as further corroboration of the alteration! I nonetheless confess I shan’t readily abandon the recollection of vistas bordering the barrier islands skirting the east coast of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Late this afternoon we punctuated the day by frequenting the Almonte Butcher Shop, always a source of refined meat cuts and superb salted chocolate chip cookies. Energized by the prospect of nourishment we treated ourselves to a cup of strong black coffee then attacked one of the final outstanding constituents of our recent move; namely, boots and shoes. For this we have created an exclusive winter wardrobe closet.  The bald truth is that we haven’t currently much prospect for winter clothing; and, with the available space in the closet we concluded it best to store the multitude of shoes we are as likely to ignore for the time being. Accommodating one’s possessions in this limited space demands precision if one is not simply to chuck the surplusage.