Too late to worry

When young most of us were eager to do something with our lives, to prove ourselves to others, to become something, perhaps famous. Often we had our sights on someone or something we wished to emulate or follow. Occasionally one’s personal zeal was overtaken by parents who wanted their child to join the family business or to continue in the same historic line of professionals. Even after retirement there are those who persist to seek accomplishment which can for example include returning to university to get another degree; or transitioning to a new occupation often strikingly different from the first. Whatever the projected success may have been there comes a point in one’s life when it no longer matters. I do not view this as lacking in ambition or purpose. And certainly continuing to read is not so much a goal as a prerequisite. The same applies to an openness to learning whatever the vernacular.

Now my daily preoccupations are very much changed. I had my try at enterprise and objective. I made my mistakes and possibly took some wrong turns along the way. But notwithstanding those endeavours and schemes I feel on balance I did what was right for me; and I have no regret for having done so. This however doesn’t completely close the book on initiative or daring. While I haven’t any longing to raise the bar I am nonetheless intent upon extracting from the time that remains what little strength there is within me to produce something of intelligence and record. All that I have done and known, all the people whom I have met, all the intimacy I have shared, all the places I have been constitute for me the capital of my latest manufacture. It would naturally be impossible to say my zeal is prompted by recovery or payment of any description. Yet I approach the undertaking with the same overriding obligation appurtenant to any employment. Indeed my focus is not only nine to five but also 24/7. No longer is the scheme to do something to prove anything; rather it is what I consider an obligation to account for the benefit of those who follow, either merely as a record of mundane incidents or possibly as a source of inspiration or – dare I say it – wisdom. We old fogeys owe it to the younger generation to share what if anything we have learned.  I can envisage no greater inheritance for youth than knowledge, perhaps sufficient to help others get through the inevitable tough moments of this marvellous experience we call life. The report needn’t be any more penetrating than a frank account of what one did and what then happened. If that is not viewed as scintillating then I know of no other realistic purpose.

Hey all you snowbirds, just wanted to let you know that on February 17, 2023 we are having a Hoedown party! Costumes are required! There will be a square dance caller to help us with our square dancing moves, details to follow.

Please share this app with any snowbirds that you see are not on here already.

Buttonwood Bay Club