Two days before New Year’s Eve!

It was easy-breezy today to invoke the urge to cycle. Though I regularly recite that the exertion is purgative, I love it. If I am expiating anything it is the indulgence that for me is cycling. The weather too was copybook perfect! After almost a full month on the Island I have reacquainted myself with former pathways and discovered new ones.  Unquestionably my capacity for distance has diminished from what it was years ago when we were last here. But I have recalculated parts of my regular agenda; and in the process succeeded to heighten the experience. Why it is that I am blessed to cherish bicycling I shall never know.  By comparison I positively hate walking. I have likewise no interest whatsoever in jogging, roller blading or whatever else qualifies as exercise. But give me a decent bicycle and I am rhapsodic!

Having said that, the bicycles we have from Hilton Head Outfitters & Bike Rentals are quite simply adequate only.  Several years ago when we wintered on Longboat Key I bought a new bicycle for the season (and eventually left it at the apartment with the owner).  It was a splendid bike and worth the price of admission; but this year I was more economically minded because I knew how much more time here on Hilton Head Island I would cycle on the beach and nothing spoils a bike faster than fine white sand.  In fact both of us have already exchanged each of our initial bikes on separate occasions because of mechanical seizure or decline.

Consistent with that anticipated contamination, late this morning after cycling out of our gated Sea Pines community to flow into the stream of the masses along North Forest Beach Drive I detoured onto quiet Lagoon Road, diverting then to Park Road and eventually onto Heron Street whence I exited directly onto the beach.

There I reposed in the sand, my head against the front bicycle wheel comforted by my well-worn and softened leather boat shoes. It was by this time approaching noon.  I stayed there one hour. I knew the High Tide was scheduled today for 04:20 PM which meant I had a comfortable window of 2 hours on the beach to get from where I was (around Marker 67 I am guessing) to where I wanted to go (Sea Pines Beach Club at Marker 13).

The subsequent venture along the beach captivated me with its circulation of people.

I capped off the day by a refreshing swim in the pool at Sea Pines Resort. I am hard pressed to think of a more enchanting day!