Unloading frustration

Whether legitimate or not the generic statement lately being circulated that we’re stressed out (presumably by popular social and political activity as opposed to our health and the weather) is not uncommon. There may indeed be supportable bases for the statement. It has however been observed that the universe is ultimately personal, an assertion from which derives acute foundations of anger. This arena of frustration is very often aligned with the prevention of progress or success. It frequently embraces an upset regarding others though most probably because the obstacle affects oneself; but as regularly includes obstruction of one’s devotion to and love of another.

The annoyance and disappointment arising from inability to achieve or change something.

One of the psychological activities promoted as a defence to frustration is venting. As indulgent as it resounds it is in my opinion a model expression of altruism.  It’s tough to say what you think. And if you don’t believe me, consider the alternative behaviour of obfuscation. I’m not saying we’re good liars; but often it is easier than saying what you think.

There may also be circumstance in which the resistance we feel is dissatisfaction with our attainment of personal goals, perhaps including failed professional achievement or perhaps no more touchable than the overwhelming desire to get out, to remove oneself from the fray.

The objective mustn’t be either destruction or avoidance of the frustration. It can drive us to wholly unnecessary ends to achieve what as often is close at hand. For this reason alone, unloading frustration works.  And without the use of a sword.  It does not however obscure self-recrimination. Recovery from that infection requires the identical though ineffable decisions all of us must make to control the condition humaine. In short, we all have frustrations; and like each passing day, the character of what transpires depends on ourselves. Coincidentally I am spirited in this persuasion by a recent communication from a friend who willingly, boisterously and apologetically renounced her litany of frustrations! All possible error is thus removed!