As the news about vaccination percolates into the countryside we’re steadily more anxious to do what we’ve always done in the past. Not the least of which is to foregather for a meal. Finn wants to do the same – though perhaps more especially a game of throw-and-fetch! His personal ambitions are for the moment trumped by the continuing pandemic isolation and the family’s overwhelming focus upon Sophia. Having now passed the 6-week threshold post-nascence everyone is looking and breathing better – though maybe still with less sleep.

For those of us not acquainted with child rearing, retail persists as a feasible genesis.  Though without the pedigree.  Nonetheless there’s lots to be said about Apple and its collection of next generation. With the stunning advantage of the internet and on-line shopping, a dive into the realm of Apple Watch was undertaken with gusto this afternoon following the collapse of a competing product. Actually it wasn’t so much a collapse of the product as it was a cosmetic deterioration of a portion of the strap.  But it nonetheless served as the stimulus for what had in any event been simmering! Renewal! Springtime! Not saving it for the funeral! Even the less poetic devotion to updating technology!  Keeping a grip on technology is more than an annual event like the seasons; it is a palpable accreditation.  I have long ago learned that indeed the manufacturers have wittingly applied themselves to incremental improvement.

Meanwhile we await the alteration of the planets and the burgeoning buds upon the trees.