Salut, Daniel!

Thank-you for having sent me your erudite article.

It pains me as a member of the human race that we suffer such absorption in war, submission to the control efforts of a patent madman or others who subscribe to a misguided sense of superiority or entitlement often fuelled by racism or religion. Have we learned nothing in 2000 years of recorded history? Are we still snarling animals pissing on territory? Is war as natural as male animals vying for dominance?

Why have we failed as human creatures to create a world of concert? Are the poor and submissive the disposable capital of war conducted remotely by others?

I am currently reading Thomas Babington Macaulay’s History of England. It is a history of war.  It is a history of manipulation for the purposes of war for the benefit of an arrogant few.

To speak or write of war without mentioning the wanton death and destruction is to my mind horrible. If we depend on our rulers then we’re all in trouble. And how is there war without soldiers? We’re all to blame.  Which perhaps excuses the absorption.

I know this sounds whacky.  But it shouldn’t.  I can think of nothing more possible or desirable than peace. I can’t imagine any war that improves the lives of others.  And did I mention the cost? Who got that money? What could have been done with it instead? Why do we presume war is an insurmountable obstacle when it is we who built it?


La France en Ukraine