Watering a dead plant

I am the first to proclaim that life owes me nothing. To my thinking life is a history of happy fortuity. This doesn’t mean I haven’t encountered obstacles; I certainly have. Yet by my calculation there have been but few times when I have faced manifest impediment or barrier which proved insurmountable or which didn’t somehow work itself out. It is not in my nature to quit; that is, not willingly and not entirely. When faced with an obstruction my immediate inclination is to seek to overcome it or to discover a solution which represents a meaningful compromise. However I am not one to lay blame at my own or another’s doorstep for failure. If after repeated efforts something isn’t working, and if there is seemingly no way around the problem, then it is time to abandon the project. And very often the decision I make to do so occurs precipitously; and, as often with unanticipated redirection and sometimes quite unexpected (though welcome) results. Such is the serendipity!

It offends my sense of accomplishment to gird a solution to a problem with clinical rationality and persuasive debate if the natural tendons of alliance aren’t there. I am not about to convince myself that people (who naturally are most frequently involved in these peculiar dimensions) will mysteriously alter their own convictions, beliefs or necessities of whatever description.  The object to my mind is not reshaping others but rather cooperating with them if possible; and, if not, to get on with it otherwise.

The act of watering the dead plant is the denial phase where you cannot accept the absence of something without acknowledging your own faults. Just like dead plants, watering dead relationships is fruitless and futile.

There is no one I know who willingly terminates a friendship or close relationship, whether family or partnership. We find it difficult to accept that such conventions have a shelf life.  I am by contrast distinctly impressed by those who appear to have survived a disengagement and who prefer to dwell not upon quarrels but rather upon the so-called “good times”. Let’s face it, we do a great disfavour to both parties to suggest either or both of them has committed some egregious act if we have otherwise endured the association for considerable length of time.  Besides it is so much easier in a prolonged relationship to isolate particulars of conflict.


All this is to say par exemple that today was another day in the best of all possible worlds!  Seriously! We began the day by attending upon Walgreens Pharmacy at 11 Palmetto Bay Road for our appointed booster vaccinations. We were scheduled there for 9:30 am but it was well after ten o’clock before we received our successive jabs.  While waiting for the nurse to administer the vaccines, we sat like disciplined boys outside the Principals office upon metal chairs immediately adjacent the main pharmacy counter whence we could hear the names, addresses, telephone numbers and prescriptions of all who went to the counter for attention.  We noted in particular that most of those attending for the booster vaccination were Canadian, a small compliment to the Americans whose government is strongly urging its citizens to get the supplemental vaccination. We were among a minority of patients who had the courtesy to wear a mask.

When the wait was over and the medication administered, we thanked the assistants who significantly thanked us as well for our patience. The acknowledgment of our silent wait was however superfluous. The achievement of this booster constituted for us a material advance, one which we gleefully celebrated upon regaining our seats and privacy in the car.  The drive back through Sea Pines to Cutter Court was a buoyant one!

Before returning to the apartment to prepare for our afternoon cycle we succumbed to the curiosity of investigating the Harbour Town Bakery & Café, part of the Sea Pines Resort.

Nestled amidst majestic oaks, and located across from the Gregg Russell Harbour Town Playground, the Harbour Town Bakery & Café is known throughout Hilton Head Island for its breakfasts, soups, salads and pastries baked fresh daily.

Guests can dine in and enjoy the bakery’s cozy, old-world charm, relax outside at an umbrella-shaded table, or pick up a meal to go.

The bakery’s breakfast menu features a variety of delicious items, such as the Banana Walnut Pancakes, famous Southern Breakfast, quiche of the day, corned beef hash with eggs and more. Specialty coffees and teas, as well as cappuccinos, lattes and espressos, are also offered.

The bakery’s lunch menu features a wide selection of tasty offerings including made-to-order deli sandwiches and wraps, fresh entrée-sized or side salads and delicious soups. A children’s menu is also available.

It was the pecan sticky buns which initially altered our attention though we ended getting a variety of other bakery goods instead – specifically for me praline cookies – some of which we consumed in fairly short order at home.

What followed was a superbly enjoyable bicycle ride to Tower Beach Club.  There we separated in different directions.  My focus as usual was upon the beach.  I knew Low Tide was forecast for 04:37 PM but when I saw others already on the beach from as far away as South Beach I knew I was in luck.  To protract the receding tide even further I positioned myself upon the beach, directly into the blazing orb.  It was the Sacrament of Heaven!

When I at last arose from the sand and began peddling towards Sea Pines Beach Club I had the further fortuity to encounter Beau, a white English Labrador puppy who bounced towards me, showed me his sharp puppy teeth, gnawed at my bicycle pedal and generally pushed himself into me and the bike with all his little tyke might.

The conclusion to this magnificent beach day was Sea Pines Beach Club whence the ride home was comfortable and easy through the Sea Pines Resort golf club.

And I still have two praline cookies remaining!