We have lift-off!

Once the countdown has begun there is little that arrests the initial purpose. We have lift-off! Even more important however than the initiation of the proceeding is its irrevocable trajectory.  It is further not only the constancy of the path which is introduced but the very destination of the track.  In short the path is set in motion and the consequence is predictable.


There is something strangely alarming about setting the wheels in motion; one is never fully prepared for the change that ensues, the inertia of change no doubt. The resulting modification should however never come as a surprise because it is the sum of many coordinated factors. The sequel to the trigger is a solution and often a very pleasant ride.

Like the plunge of a roller coaster ride, there is no turning back when beyond the crest.  It is equally scientific that the rapid change will eventually flatten and come to rest though where one lands is exponentially related to the effort that went into getting there.  The thrust of those efforts is the combination of a great deal of planning, thought, cooperation and a degree of luck as always.  The speed at which events unfold after lift-off is quite incredible.  Hang onto your hat!  The thrill of the momentum contributes to the delight.  As fond as we are of the status quo we nonetheless derive exhilaration from seeing our future unfold.  We launch into a new world and awaken to exciting prospects we hadn’t predicted.


Leaving the familiar behind may be daunting yet we mustn’t diminish our appetite for novelty. The capacity we have for accommodation is virtually boundless.  Precedent to such ingenuity is the application of reasoning to what are inevitably the changing circumstances of life.  The allure of the past becomes as a sinking ship from which we must separate to survive.  But oh the indescribable enchantment of once distant horizons!