Weather permitting

It was with a spirited presence of adventure that we launched this morning’s junket to the Township of Adamston/Bromley to visit my sister and her husband at their summer resort. But first there were stops at HFT (Healthy Food Technologies) in Almonte for donuts then Antrim Truck Stop in Arnprior for a strengthening plate of protein and a mixed berry scone slathered in icing sugar.

The passage through Renfrew County to the hinterland is for me always a novelty. Though we have visited the rural terrain many times before I attribute my lack of immediate recognition (beyond hesitantly voicing, “I think I remember seeing that!”) to the acute attention I devote to precision driving on the undulating ribbon of highway. Cottagers are I find generally an ambitious lot. Many of the urban evolutions adopt aggressive driving tactics to achieve their much anticipated goals. They, for their part, no doubt assign to me that old fogey characteristic of the Sunday driver. Nonetheless with the benefit of some restraint we’re seemingly able to accommodate one another without peril.

After winding our way off the main highway onto the country road and then over the sandy path to the point of land where the cottage is located overlooking the lake, we were greeted by our hosts and immediately engaged in a thorough review of all that has lately transpired in our collective universes. The initial robust conversation centred upon technology and its implacable nature. I suspect we unwittingly exposed our ignorance of some elemental features of data, internet and WiFi.

Our industry over coffee was interrupted by a more meaningful appeal from the sister’s younger daughter who is in Ottawa from Los Angeles on business with her husband. My niece telephoned to enquire about sounded to be a trifling domestic matter which instantly propelled my sister and her husband into a razor-sharp discussion.

Many times I have reflected upon the loss I’ve suffered by not having children. There are however moments when I find myself murmuring that I can safely bare the deprivation.