What was your first clue?

Listening to the insurrection investigation account of the pathetic childish behaviour of disgraced former president Trump of the United States of America has levelled upon all Americans an extremely visceral and highly belligerent (not to mention racist and backward) image of the once highly reputed democratic institution. The fact – pointedly not a mere speculation – that the pusillanimous majority of Republican legislators (led by amateurs like Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and Lindsey Graham – from whom nothing has been heard since the insurrection) sustained the national deceit and misguided arrogance (contrasting with their rapture for so-called “Western chauvinism” spirited by the Proud Boys) only further contaminated the once heralded image of America. As Katrina Pierson (national spokesperson for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign) observed, “The President likes the crazies”.

It is increasingly voiced by Americans of no particular political stripe or ethnic persuasion that they wish to escape the influence of those who seek to lead other Americans to operate unlawfully (even so far as civil war) and in militia if necessary. Being an American today is shrouded with a blanket of puzzlement and dismay.

When Trump first sought the leadership of the Republican Party, he was universally treated (not least of which was by Republicans) as an idiot. This idiot has since succeeded to surmount any obstacle to the summit of world power and control. Patently his fear of descent from that summit provokes him even as I write. This lunatic validated American carnage by embracing other radicals to validate himself. No one believes this madman cares for a moment about the masses he seeks to enflame for his own purposes.

The insanity of this demagogue will survive only if Americans fail to uphold as they say they do the rule of law. Proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the former sitting president led an attack on the constitution and democracy is now all but certain.

But the resolve is yet uncertain.