What was your first clue?

Contractual arrangements are normally not subject to the weighty chains of restrictions and government advisories such as we’ve lately had to endure throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. For some businesses the repercussions have been blunt and damning; viz., the collapse of general stores along the Canada/USA international border closed for non-essential travel. Further abroad the limitations have also stifled tourism between the two countries.  What once were cheerful preparations have been shrouded beneath the veil of uncertainty and emotional distress.

COVID-19 is an acute disease in humans caused by a coronavirus, which is characterized mainly by fever and cough and is capable of progressing to severe symptoms and in some cases death, especially in older people and those with underlying health conditions. It was originally identified in China in 2019 and became pandemic in 2020.

To overcome the torment, this dilemma like any other requires a mixture of recognition, recalculation and resolve. Recognition elucidates the issue at hand; recalculation changes the direction; and, resolve puts things back in motion. In short, it’s about facing the facts, figuring out what to do next and getting on with it.

The exercise has achieved the unwitting benefit of stimulation, highlighting the erstwhile uncelebrated realm of private contemplation and results. It is a reminder that a moment may be propitious but fleeting. There is no time for dithering.  The alacrity of the project in turn demands clarity which means attention to one’s instincts (being the least contaminated vehicle the human mind can employ).

As it becomes increasingly impossible to ignore the advancement of age, the immediacy and imperative of purpose is incrementally agitated. Time is running out. The succinctness of the moment must be guided by reliable instruction.

Peeling oneself away from the confusing elements of existence is part of the distilled process for governable conduct, elimination of the bitter protective layer blocking the sweet pulp. It is this underlying narrative which ensures removal from the competing but irrelevant distractions. Abbreviation is the heart of compelling assessment. We owe it to ourselves to heed the call of propriety on every level. Otherwise we risk error of judgment.