What’s for dinner?

The weather forecast is balmy. With the usual inconceivable urgency we are headed to one of the summer’s central holiday weekends; namely, Canada Day on July 1st. The pandemic will unquestionably  disturb normal congregation. I suspect however that the historic focus upon food will survive. My recent finding at Beckwith Kitchen, Carleton Place of its “house crafted corn relish” constitutes for me a life-altering episode! Granted my capacity for propulsion is never far below the surface and is natively correspondent and enthusiastic. But the plain truth is that the domestic condiment succeeds to elevate my shamelessly uncultured plate of sliced raw vegetables and fresh squeezed lemon juice (with just a handful of blueberries) to a new height of achievement! Never have I been so fervently reminded of the poetic rapture of the trough! I now approach the ritual cocktail hour with new vigour and devotion. No longer is it sufficient to rely only upon the adage that “the best sauce for any meal is an appetite“. Instead I have adorned the once visceral instinct with the inexpressible magic of a skilful conglomerate.

In spite of the immediacy of the dimension it is clear to me that this absorption borders the fanatic; however, its legitimacy is irrefragable. After almost 72 years on the face of the planet I can tell you I’ve distilled the components of delectation to but a few features. No doubt any one of us could easily wax eloquently concerning our rudimentary indulgences. Acknowledging as I do the variety of choice I content myself to isolate the primary ingredients of satisfaction to those which are characteristically advanced as cardinal – food, drink, shelter and sleep. The reflection is oddly reminiscent of life’s basic necessities. The narrowness does however capture both the burgeoning importance of minima and the dwindling weight of superfluity. One is tempted to enlarge the simplicity of a good meal but there is no need for mystical embellishment.

Before abandoning this codswallop I wish to note two additional items – the tea biscuits and butter tarts both nonpareil!

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