When the wind blows in the right direction!

What it is that calls forth an ideal day such as today I cannot explain!  Perhaps it is merely the favourable complement to the tarsome day that preceded it.  Per chance, last night’s better sleep. I hadn’t a fever yesterday but I couldn’t then escape the looming misery of old age. Until this morning that is. Whatever it is, everything was elevated today. From the moment of awakening at 7:00 am (though in truth I lingered beneath the covers for 15 minutes or so). Let us say – grâce à my erstwhile physician – the turmeric, magnesium and vitamin D3 kicked in! It’s all a mystery! I lingered over breakfast at my makeshift study table far longer than I had expected. It was shortly after noon, after my Tylenol Extra Strength dose, that I pushed off to the bicycle rack, having first doffed my sweater and undershirt, leaving only the Polo and cotton shorts, woollen socks and boat shoes.  Ready for a ride on the beach!

Initially I was plagued with a possible chill.  The morning air was still cool beneath the towering sea pines as I rode along Plantation Drive and Greenwood Drive to Coligny Beach Park where the sunlight eventually overtook the ceiling and provided its dry furnace heat. By the time I got onto the beach I was warm and comfortable.  There were others who were both underdressed and overdressed, young girls and boys in bathing suits only, older folks wearing jackets. There were young people swimming in the ocean or playing ball in the water.

So animated was I by the blazing sunshine and relieving heat that I began to develop in my subconscious a follow-up performance at the pool. A pre-dinner swim, I thought, perhaps followed by a chilled espresso coffee from the refrigerator. What splendour! I am mesmerized by Hilton Head Island as our departure speedily approaches three weeks hence. So much to contemplate and anticipate! Surely the Warp of Time explains it all! Where the past meets the future! Swirling like Camille Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony No. 3 too magnificent for words! To recover I retreated to the yacht basin, there subdued by the harbour and the casual visitors quietly surveying the moorings.