Why is Marjorie Taylor Greene so crazy?

The United States of America is now repeatedly being described by its own citizens as brewing for civil war. It sounds a preposterous assertion. Yet anger often causes reckless behaviour. The Republicans continue meanwhile – even in the wake of multiple mass murders of school children – not only to support but also to promote outrageous guns. If anyone thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene is crazy for what she regularly spouts, I have equal difficulty supporting the volley of her fellow mercenaries advocating the right of people to carry a gun for unspecified protection from an unspecified source. The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans theme has long ago lost its allure. Just exactly how in the event of calamity would that safety precaution work out?

Evans was born Frances Octavia Smith on October 31, 1912 in Uvalde, Texas, to Bettie Sue Wood and T. Hillman Smith. She had a tumultuous early life. She spent a lot of time living with her uncle, Dr. L.D. Uvalde, TexasMassey MD FACP, an internal medicine physician, in Osceola, Arkansas. At age 14, she eloped with and married Thomas F. Fox, with whom she had one son, Thomas F. Fox Jr., when she was 15. A year later, abandoned by her husband, she found herself in Memphis, Tennessee, a single parent pursuing a career in music.[3] She landed a job with local radio stations (WMC and WREC), singing and playing piano. Divorced in 1929, she took the name Dale Evans while working at radio station WHAS in the early 1930s after the station manager suggested it because he believed she could promote her singing career with a short pleasant sounding name that announcers and disc jockeys could easily pronounce.

Increasingly when I think of Taylor Greene as other than certifiable, I am drawn to a conclusion of far more charitable nature than I would have imagined. Granted – and without excusing her conduct – her words are bizarre but what would we normally do when confronted with such absurdity from a child? Whatever it is, we wouldn’t idly watch the annoyance continue unhindered. This however speaks only to the stifling infection which has insinuated the Grand Old Party. Of more intriguing interest to me is the underlying poison that has made the child so angry?

Though I think it unfair to criticize people as a class, nonetheless there are classes of Americans who are petrified by images of corruption and chaos attaching to accommodation of people who for whatever reason are “different “. To listen to her, the world is under attack from space lasers and the LBGT community. Indisputably these pose no scientific bases. Nonetheless certain people absorb the statements with vigour. After all, in these tough times it feels good to kick the cat to the other side of the room.

I have no more support of England and Ireland for centuries of internal war based on Papacy vs Anglicanism than I do for so-called “conservatives” going on infernally about the ruin of Christianity. Strangely many of similar absurdities – that is, those devoted to schismatic expression – are greedily attributed to those inhabiting the southern states. It is clearly of broader application. In the rush of everyday people to get on with their life they become annoyed by the constant disruption and frustration wrought by living. Plainly they are sick of change. And too exhausted to get into some kind of discussion about it. This simmering boil is what can be subdued by intelligent dissection; and, failing that, appropriate statements and leadership from those in a position of authority with a wide media access. If King James in the 1600’s was able to communicate with his loyalists then there should be something today that can be done.

Milo Yiannopoulos, the controversial right-wing commentator and former Breitbart editor, has become an intern in Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) office.

“So I have an intern that was raped by a priest as a young teen, was gay, has offended everyone at some point, turned his life back to Jesus and Church, and changed his life,” Greene said in a statement provided to The Daily Beast, which first reported the news.