Winter in the country

The introversion of winter has overtaken me.  Outside looks raw and uninviting. Inside it is cozy and rapturous. I hesitate to detail my prolonged animation this morning.  I lingered sinfully late nestled beneath the feathered duvet without any supervising alert or beaconing command. I am however spared the indignity of indolence by virtue of the drizzly weather. Bicycling is on hold for the moment Рindeed perhaps for the remainder of the year as snow and freezing temperatures are forecasted. It is time now to indulge the platitudes of the season; viz., festive music, casual exchanges with family and friends and domestic serenity. As our only Christmas ornament I have taken out of from my desk drawer a tiny Teddy bear with Santa Claus hat and matching red scarf. He is dutifully seated for another interval upon my desk next to the large brass lamp. All the lights throughout the apartment burn yellow and low. The colours of Porto, Cognac and sherry gleam like gems in their crystal decanters.