Winter Solstice

As I gape across the boat slip and the fluttering American flag toward Sarasota Bay on this chilly, windy morning I cannot but confess the allure of the mounting Christmas spirit. I have enhanced the current emotional bent by listening to a collection of Christmas orchestras, choirs, oratorios and operatic celebrations. Shamefully perhaps we have no intention of insinuating the Christian worship tradition. Indeed I am more intent upon witnessing the passage of the Winter Solstice.

Nonetheless I am captured by the undeniable texture, flavour and spirit of the Season. Sharing Christmas cards and best wishes is certainly part of the custom for almost anybody at this time of year. Today’s blustery weather stimulates the resolve to the expression of well-being.

I intend to penetrate the elements notwithstanding the sight of frozen white caps on Sarasota Bay! The white woollen socks which I brought from Canada will perform their needed purpose today when riding my bicycle.