Around town…

It’s Saturday. The sun shines.  The temperature is currently 70°F. The redoubtable ingredients of springtime enliven the day! My being hesitantly awakens and manifests itself as I ride upon my bicycle seat, pedalling cheerfully by the old town hall across the ancient stone bridge above the roaring waterfalls, clad in a lightweight burnoose, my gold rings and heavy knotted bracelet reminding me of my elemental materialism, the uncommon gentleness of the gravel pathway soothing the adventure.  Everyone has suddenly transformed their insolation to cautious publicity.

I knew in an instant upon awakening this morning that before doing anything else I must first check the garage floor for possible further evidence of carbon condensation from under the new car. I was admittedly disappointed to discover a minor repeat of the initial contamination; however, the process is waning. I am satisfied – based upon the professional advice of the service department of the dealership – that the condensation is normal.  As for the carbonized feature of the liquid I am content to attribute that to the dissolution of spray on the undercarriage. I told the service department that I wanted nothing to do with disruption of the current engineering. The diminishing strength and extent of the droplets is an improvement. Just understanding the performance is to me sufficiently relieving.

To complete this particular cycle of inquiry and adjustment to a new attribute within my sphere I fulfilled as complete as possible a mechanical unity of the whole. The precedent to the purgation was naturally a car wash at Glide in Stittsville. The mats were cleaned.  The tyre caps were checked. There was a dutiful walk about the entire machine, reflecting the ceremony of military inspection. The drive back home along the undulating highway through the open fields was an ideal exemplification of the automotive allure.

I parked the Aviator outside in the Visitor’s Parking area and went into the basement to hose down the garage floor. I withdrew the remnant water into the nearby floor drain. This was going to be the limit of my intervention in any future mechanical condensation. My native response amuses me but only because its enactment was imperative.  While opportunity and circumstance may alter the settled devotion, I suspect this event will now be among those which have been abandoned.

Throughout my entire life of 71 years there is but one instance I can recall in which the currency of a dilemma lingered longer than what one might distinguish as reasonable under the circumstances.  My recollection is a “dispute” which went on actively and with a parade of agents on behalf of the disputant for over 10 years. Lest I succumb to the glamour of revisiting that succession of events (which ended very happily for me I might add) it is sufficient to note that almost anything in life which is annoying and which persists for over 10 years is far beyond any reasonable threshold!

I say this to illustrate that the accommodation of disruption is now well past favourable attraction. There may be those who for whatever personal reason allow inconvenience and annoyance to linger; but my constitution is such that I attempt to do whatever may naturally be done to rise above matter. The intellectual process is no doubt fettered by the more instinctive reaction to conflict. Yet the application of some of our primordial human characteristics – such as cleanliness – will hasten the unfolding.

All the chatter in the world will not eliminate problems.  This means there is absolutely nothing which can be done to wipe the world clean of problems.  This acute statement in turn means there are only two ways of dealing with problems when they occur: solve them or figure out a way to ignore them. It is the latter alternative which absorbs me.

Assuming it is correct that there is no way to resolve a particular problem, it is equally true that the problem will abide. It then becomes a variation of what one is capable of doing to accommodate the problem. It may be helpful to recall that one or the other of you will disappear eventually. This possibly morose conclusion is not however lacking in required bluntness.The issue is not one of choice. The only choice is “like it or not”.

I am not one of those malleable types who overcomes the intractable.  It requires time for me to digest information. All this to say that today was all-in-all a very agreeable day, complete with exercise.