A sea breeze

Something celestial is there about a salty breeze ripping across the turquoise sea surrounding the Florida Keys on a breathtakingly clear and dry, sunny day. The empyrean vault over the slender peninsula of white coral reef that is the backbone of the Florida keys magnified the blessedly fresh air of the blustery wind today. I am so pleased to have vanquished my morning indolence at table amid large (and exceedingly welcome) cups of strong black coffee and (likewise divine) fattened portions of Everything bagel with cream cheese and lox while fixedly poring over the latest discombobulation of Apple and all things “i”.

First I revived my esprit and routine by tricycling upon the shadowy laneways about Buttonwood Bay, an unanticipated accomplishment of 7.18 Kms. Then I restored my platitude by sitting at the pool facing directly into the intense late afternoon sunshine. My appearance was that of a vintage segregate, neatly attired (appropriately with a windbreaker to protect against the bracing air), matted hair, proper boat shoes.  Without priority or entitlement other than that of a local I was treated to the supreme peacefulness of the currency of life’s abiding fortuity, simple and wholesome.

The palm tree fronds rustled in the gusts from across the sea. A dried leaf scuttled upon the poolside patio. The coral cinders were drained of humidity and darkness, now but a smooth shiny residue of yesterday’s brief rainy disturbance. The cloudless sky, interminably blue, reflected upon the rippling pool face. There followed a recollection of far away places unencumbered by debt or duty. A solemn outing like a sabbath, void of homage beyond submission to the divine weather, the shifting sunlight flickers upon one’s burnished face.  Dry harmonious radiance. Overwhelmingly the ideal circumstance.