In the neighbourhood – deprivation and discrimination

Someone (who unfavourably in my opinion assumed we were on a first name basis) from the hair stylist’s office  telephoned early this afternoon to enquire whether I would shift my 3:30 pm appointment for today to 5:15 pm instead.  I told her it is was not convenient. When she backtracked and reiterated that I could preserve the initial time instead I had already perceived her lack of integrity. I summarily canceled the appointment; and, added, “Some other time…” which to my thinking is going to be never.

Upon further consideration the appointment (which I had gone to the trouble of making and around which I had organized my day) was a deprivation I could willingly bear. Already I had formulated the intention to lapse into a Bohemian guise within the next four months, implausibly like many other old fogeys who seek to preserve what little if anything remains of their former youth. Nonetheless it constitutes my petty dream on this isolated barrier island aside the roaring Atlantic Ocean which today was fortuitously at low tide when I touched the sand with my bicycle at Coligny Beach Park.

There are numerous advantages for visitors to the Island; viz., bicycle trails, boardwalks, benches, rest rooms, fresh water fountains, emergency markers. There is also a free air hose at the Teeter Harris gasoline station. It is perhaps the only air hose I’ve ever encountered which is possible to use without ending in complete frustration.  In addition it is outfitted with a similarly utilitarian gauge for lowering or raising the pressure (which according to Denis is 60 psi for my bicycle tires). I confess it was he who improved my ride today, not I, though I fully intend to repeat the ceremony subsequently as needed.  The increased pressure noticeably spirited my progress which – especially along the beach – might otherwise have been unpleasantly enduring.

Today was the first time since our arrival here on December 1st last that I had been to Coligny Beach Park, my old haunt. On the eve of my 73rd birthday it reaffirms an acceptable limit of my cycling enterprises.  By comparison for example, after putting the car through the automatic wash late this morning, I drove north along William Hilton Parkway and dipped in and out of places historically I had visited on my bicycle but which are now patently too far to repeat by bicycle. My Fitness app records my Workout summary today as 14.99 kms which already I have adopted as my new normal (compared to the 6 kms I regularly did each day at home in Almonte). Part of the pleasure of growing old is the ready adoption of limitation. It helps naturally that there is a persuasion of reasonableness which accompanies the exploits. It pleases me too that the route from Harbour Town (where we now are) to Coligny Beach Park and back is a circle within a comfortable sphere as regards flat tires or other unwelcome necessities.

The final note of applause for today’s outing was rejoining Sea Pines Beach Club.  There I indulged myself in momentary relaxation before recovering my strength for the last short leg of the trip home.