Focus on the present

For all the advantage that is broadcasted about focussing on the present, one has to question the utility of mentioning the past. More precisely the focus on the present may indirectly turn the glare from one’s Delphic past to the seemingly less virulent present. I’m all for leaving has-beens in the past; especially so if one is enjoying the entitlements of life through the proper eligibility.

Nonetheless the past is lined with endless layers of interest and insight. I am curious to know when – if at all – our native perceptions are born within us. When is our mind set? That is, what is the point whence we are come?

If one were to adopt the popular psychology of Dr. Sigmund Freud there are limitless derivatives of the past; and, very often the ink of that detail embeds the whole. Astonishingly at times we are able to recall the most insignificant detail of our tender youth; and equally as curiously we frequently proclaim with elation the importance of the recollection as though it had a special or underlying meaning.  And it probably does! Like a fine piece of mahogany furniture, the nicks and cracks happen along with the gloss before the patina appears.