Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the anniversary of our 26th year together. From a casual martini at a friendly bar in the By Ward Market we have since spent a great deal of time together both working and playing. Our common interests have included in particular three real estate ventures, the law practice, our lovely French bulldog Monroe, family, friends and considerable travel together mostly on this continent but also the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and Sardinia.

Unaccustomed as we are to best wishes on our anniversary, and on the heels early this morning of an inexpressibly tasty breakfast at Palmetto Bay Sunrise Café (read: avocado toast), I was inspired to send greetings to acquaintances with whom we share some similar interests. They are a generous and out-going couple from Maine whom we met on Longboat Key where they, like we here, now linger for a winter vacation.

Hello, George and Bobbie!

Trust this finds you both well notwithstanding we haven’t heard from either of you since sending our Happy Anniversary greetings.  We hope you’re both still speaking to one another at least!

The reason for today’s correspondence is two-fold:  One, I am eating (spooning to be exact) some Teddie All Natural Smooth Unsalted Peanut Butter (Ingredients: Dry Roasted Peanuts), the exceeding satisfaction of which I owe to you, George (more on that in a moment); and, Two, Denis and I are likewise celebrating today the anniversary of our 26 years together (speaking for myself the best years of my life in a word).

Regarding the Teddie peanut butter, George, I would like to return the favour of your recommendation by suggesting to you (if you do not already know) Naked Wild Honey made by bees and wildflowers (Southeast) Raw & Unfiltered.  It, like Teddie which I believe is from Maine, is another USA product so you might have it available wherever you happen to be. This honey is as you might suspect superlative in my opinion.  I use it with Bran Flakes, ground ginger, ground flax seed meal and Almond breeze (instead of milk).  I have also discovered it works beautifully with steel cut oats and fresh blueberries.


The privilege of a partnership is in my opinion the apex of relationships. Today young people in particular are advancing their own interpretation of what constitutes the ideal union, whether casual, civil, legal, religious or otherwise.  What little familiarity I have with Family Law inclines me to believe that the description of the union is largely a distinction without a difference; and, that the obligations and benefits of a relationship are primarily supported by the same characteristics (basically prolonged and continuous cohabitation and a close personal relationship of primary importance to both parties).

One cannot speak of partnership without thinking of friends.  Our friends are now scattered about the globe.  Like most people our age we haven’t many friends; but the friends we have are those whom we have known for many years.  And to be frank they are mostly people with whom we have on occasion had our differences.  In fact I think it is true of any relationship worth its salt that conflicts sometimes arise. By contrast to buoyant partnerships and friendships, those which have evaporated are invariably those which did not survive a difference.  In those instances, lingering is merely watering a dead plant.  Some things are best left alone. I reckon this distinction is but another reason to rejoice in what is here and now. I have never garnered much if any satisfaction from reliving a failed relationship and the reasons why. Survival is the key whatever the standard! And carrying on is the motive!

So here we are, twenty-six years later, looking back with a smile, looking ahead with a degree of trepidation because there is no escaping that whatever the future, time is running out.  We have in any event the additional strength of knowing that whatever time remains, it’s worth hoping for.